Spending Time Wisely – Top Tips

posted by on September 17th, 2013


How to spend time – Top Tips

 A few ideas to help you make the most of the time you have.

 1. Think Small. Look at it this way – if you took back just 6 min of every hour for 8 hours a day, 5 days of the week in a year then you end up with a staggering 25 days’ worth of extra time! When you focus on the little things like calling meetings to an end after the key points have been covered; setting shorter deadlines; making sure you stay on track when surfing online or even holding conference calls instead of travelling for miles, the time you save stacks up. Tiny tactics such as these can make a massive difference.

 2. Do Less. It’s simple but we all try to pack in far too much. It never ceases to amaze me that as adults we seem to forget that we have the power to say no! How often have you been dragged into a meeting caused by somebody else’s lack of planning? How often are your priorities altered by someone else in your team? Sure things change and we need to remain flexible but we live in a world that wants everything NOW! Work on learning how to focus, choose what you do and remember to identify your real priorities before you get hijacked by someone else’s!

 3. That leads me to number three, delegate more. Lots of people I work with seem to find delegation hard. For some reason they believe that others are snowed under so they do not want to add to their burden. Or perhaps that someone else won’t do the task as well as they can. The most popular objection I hear is “it will take so long to explain to someone that it’s quicker doing it myself”. If that sounds like you then you may have to change your ways to get more done. In business it makes sense to use resources wisely and it costs a heap of money when the CEO is the one who washes up or does the proof reading.

 4. Use IT wisely. If you can’t do it then get somebody else to sort out your filters to make sure that those e-mails that drop into your box are the ones you really want. People often say I’ve got 200 e-mails to look through what they mean is that they have 175 pieces of spam! Actually only 25 are of any use so get it sorted and stop allowing your inbox to rule you. Your inbox is not your job! Oh and make sure you stop subscribing to online e-zines, forums or website, they spell potential disaster as they distract you throughout the day. Get tough with people who send those dreadful e-mails of ‘cut-and-paste’ to show you care – pointless. You don’t read junk mail when it comes into your home so why read it online?

 Too many hours are lost every single day because people cannot resist the ‘ping’. Switch it off and get more done. Finally if the email takes longer than 10 minutes to write then make a call instead.

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