Happiness for Sale

posted by on March 18th, 2013

I bet at some point you have shared that wonderful quote ‘money cannot buy happiness’. I’ll bet also that you most likely have quickly followed it up with ‘yes, but it’s better to be unhappy with money than unhappy and poor!’

Well that may be true or it may not. Think of it this way. If someone asked to buy your happiness how much would you sell it for – £100, £100k, £100m? It’s almost unimaginable to suggest that people would do such a thing yet it happens every day.

Many people sell their happiness away by doing a job they hate or dislike. They complain about their work, their boss or their staff/customers, but never bother to look at the part they play in their circumstances. Instead they set about playing the ‘blame game’ by creating a million reasons to convince themselves and others why they stay and how it’s not their fault. Perhaps if they really cannot see a better choice they at least could set about working on a way to be happy in their current employment by changing their attitude towards their work.

Many people sell their happiness by staying in poor relationships. Unfortunately for some such relationships are deeply damaging and even dangerous, yet people remain wedded to their toxic partnerships. I wonder if they get through only by wishing that one day things will change, rather like a fairy tale. Many people find it hard to see beyond their current situation. They have lost sight of any hope unable to create new options. Negative thinking has won and they are living in their mental cul-de-sac. The only way out is to take a step back, turn around and look for an exit. The truth is that many find this hard and their happiness slowly ebbs away.

The are many other ways in which we sell or give our happiness away. Perhaps this week you might consider what you are doing to protect your happiness and look for ways to mainfest more of it in your life.

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Me? I’m off to count my blessings not my pennies. I could be some while x