Here’s a question we often get asked – WHAT DO YOU DO?

posted by on May 11th, 2016

At WorkshopsWork we don’t believe an ‘off the shelf’ solution will help you overcome your business challenges. Our bespoke development programmes are created around your needs using a blend of real world techniques that include training, workshops, team-building, 1-2-1 coaching and MBTI® profiling.

At WorkshopsWork we DO believe that ‘growth’ is a function of developing people.

We know it’s obvious but business is really ONLY about people – yet many fail to see the connection. Instead they study spreadsheets, devise new structures or focus solely on product development. They ignore the fact that good business won’t happen unless people are able to work together in a way where conflict is mitigated and people are motivated.

Think about it – If you want your business to grow, then you and your people need the appropriate skills, knowledge and mindset to make that growth a reality. To ignore the relationship between people development and business development is madness yet many seem to (are you?).

So how do we help?

We use a wide palette of techniques to help develop and stretch people. Drawing from a range of bespoke tools (e.g. coaching, training, MBTI, etc.) we bring fresh knowledge, experience and energy to your door.

Our outcomes are far ranging and geared up to your business needs, for example:

We help clients to achieve better business results by improving their workplace culture by employing effective communication techniques and strategies.

We improve customer relationships by showing people how to build long lasting rapport through proactive personal communication.

We work with teams to resolve problems and conflict by developing trust and listening skills. Enabling people to focus on customer based solutions, not in-house battles.

Imagine what we could do for your business or organisation?