How to choose a Coach

posted by on December 3rd, 2015

Recommendation is best and it’s crucial that you trust and feel at ease with your Coach. However the fact is we don’t always get on with everyone we meet, so you may need to search before you find someone who works for you. Most Coaches are willing to meet up for an informal interview to establish fit before being engaged, so don’t be shy of asking to meet for an non-obligation cappuccino!

An effective coach will always have your best interests at heart and should be looking for new ways to stretch you. As such Coaches will ask lots of questions, after all that their job. But it’s also your time to think and talk about your issues, so beware of anyone who spends most of the time talking about their experiences and themselves!

Professional Coaches work hard to understand firstly what it is their services are required and why. Best practice expects that they provide a ‘terms of engagement’ contract or document, if they avoid this, then avoid them!

Three Top-Tips – Make sure you know exactly what you want from spending time with a Coach and seek to define the nature of the relationship. Lastly ensure you know what ‘measures of successes will look like so you can check that your investment is working for you and your business.