It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to

posted by on March 6th, 2013

Ok, it’s arrived another birthday, but this one marks a few years away from a rather significant one that I’d rather not think about. Perhaps that’s the reason for the headline?

Well actually no, I’m crying because I am happy, weird eh? If you are a guy you may struggle with that idea a little (apologies if you are a guy and you aren’t). My guess is that women the world over will understand what it means to be both a little sniffy and feeling happy!?

I’m happy that I have survived this long to be honest. The age of 27 was a real turning point for me. I survived an accident that should have seen me off. It didn’t, so boy am I happy about that! Since that day everything has been a sort of a bonus, I won the lottery in life terms. Lucky me.

I’m happy to have the most wonderful husband, amazing child, family and friends. It’s those around us that make our lives what they are. I try to make sure I make regular deposits into the relationships I value, though the truth is that sometimes I forget. I am so lucky that people are prepared to put up with my driven nature and willing to walk with me. So thank you. I’m happy to be the person I am (though truth be known I’d rather be a size smaller and have a PhD) some work yet to be done there! However on balance I’m happy with who and where I am.

So my tears are symptoms of the relief I feel that despite the ups and downs I can still play a part in this amazing experience we call life.

I’m happy for my work. I love what I do. Yesterday I worked with some astonishing people. Each of whom had found the courage to try something new and change. One had applied and got a new job in a role they previously had felt was beyond their capability. Hurray I say! For another the news of the offer of funding which would take them on an educational journey, so exciting. Another had (after 50+ years) finally learned the art of not taking things personally. Life changing stuff and it’s all going on around us every day.

So today I plan to take time to reflect and plan. The way I see things is that with a fair wind I have at least another large number of years to go. So I need a plan to ensure I pack as much in and do as much as I can to get every scrap out of this life that I can. Of course I expect there will be a few tears long the way (that’s life) but for every tear of sorrow I’m aiming for at least 10 times as many tears of joy!

Have fun folks.