A forensic investigation of your business difficulties

Most of our clients know that they want to change something in their company. You may find that you are too close to the situation to gain a holistic view of your current challenges.

Workshops Work - method and approach

Where are you now? What does the business need? What are your objectives?

Through situational analysis we try to find the pain in your business. There may be many things preventing you from moving forward

In order to achieve an understanding of how your business currently uses communication, we have a number of tools at our disposal:

Your workforce are individually profiled using the well-respected Myers Briggs® Type Indicator questionnaire (MBTI®) to help highlight your staff’s individual strengths and characteristics.

Staff relationships are put under the microscope, allowing you to understand how communication strategies are impacting the overall culture of your business.

The language of your business is analysed, giving you the opportunity to remodel the way you speak both about your business and to one another.

Talking to you and your staff is at the foundation of this approach. By conversing with everyone in your business from the directors through to customer facing staff, we form a picture of the communication culture.

A plan for implementation

To create change in your company, an action plan is formed based around your specific needs. Every situation is different and requires a bespoke approach that won’t be found in any textbook or manual.

This is where Workshops Work step into their own. Using our extensive experience of personalities and situations, we design a carefully constructed schedule to achieve the results you need to help you grow beyond your challenges.

There is no hard and fast methodology here, because every company is different. Your business is unique and that’s why ONLY a tailored approach can help you get the outcomes you desire.

Following up on workshop results

We work with you to clarify issues and deliver interventions that provide effective and positive solutions. Following on from our sessions together, we always contact you three months after putting a plan in place, to review progress and offer further assistance if required..

Workshops Work will give you the focus, ideas and the impetus to make the right changes for your organisation. Our pragmatic approach is often described as a “breath of fresh air”.

To find out how the Workshops Work method and approach will make a difference in your business, please contact us.