Monday Thinking – Everything and Nothing is new!

posted by on October 16th, 2017

happy feelingIt’s Monday and here’s a word of hope to anyone who might be struggling to keep pace with the new ‘gig/digital/down with the kids’ styled workplace and world we live in – remember we’ve been here before.

This brave new world, you know ‘sharing’ stuff, ‘agile’ thinking and integrated work/life balance stuff, is actually as old as the hills (or at least me)! I’ve come to the realisation that it’s not really new at all – it’s just that we now have a way to broadcast it via social media – someone writes a book about it and boom it’s a trend.

Over 30 years ago I arranged a ‘lift share’ with a neighbour as I had no car (actually I had no licence and no car). So I shared petrol costs as did many other people, share things that is, e.g. lawnmowers, etc. Sharing is a no brainer – let’s do more of it.

How about working from home? 24 years ago (ish) I was working as a Field Sales Manager and spent most of my time on the road. My office locations varied from my kitchen table, hotel bars (nice ones), Little Chefs and the odd lay by with a mobile burger van (classy eh?). At least these days my mobile is smaller than a brick and there are tons of brilliant places to meet and co work/network.  Co working helps people to stay connected and I’ll wager helps self-employed people reduce their risk of depression and anxiety that comes from believing that everyone is doing better than they are.

Let’s talk agile? Agile wasn’t a buzz word back then, it was a way of life!  Sales and Marketing plans were devised, executed and either rejected or continued depending on  that months’ results. Team mates gathered for brainstorming (can you still call it that?) and then resources were allocated according to business needs. Flexibility and a willingness to get the job done (even if it had gone 5) was common place. Agile is an attitude make sure you have it.

I’d love to know what you think and if you have your own examples. If you do then please share them.

Have fun.