Do you understand the individual strengths of your workforce?

Not everyone is a great communicator. Some people have skills and attributes that could be hugely beneficial to your business that sometimes remain hidden.

MBTI® personality profiling gives you the power to ascertain the positive individual characteristics and strengths of your workforce, helping you assist them in maximising their potential.

Underpinning everything we do is the Myers Briggs® MBTI Personality Type Instrument system. This world renowned accredited development tool has a proven track record of helping people better recognise their own qualities and improve how they interact with others.

Workshops Work - personal profiling

At Workshops Work we use MBTI® ® to create reports that empower professionals with a deeper knowledge of personality type theory. This in turn enables them to harness awareness of their own attributes and how they gather information, communicate, make decisions and ultimately get things done.

It’s this self-realisation that’s the cornerstone of any personal success, but more importantly it can also be used to work out entire team profiles. From this knowledge, business leaders and directors can ascertain the most productive strategies for getting the best out of their staff.

When it comes to creating bespoke workshops, Myers Briggs® MBTI allows us to quickly and effectively build strategies that work for you. By analysing your employees’ personality types and matching these with the outcomes you seek, we are able to construct activities that broach new boundaries in personal awareness.

MBTI® also allows us to help individuals in a one to one coaching capacity and has proven an invaluable tool in not only giving leaders the ability to understand their own qualities, but also how to be flexible and versatile when dealing with others.

Personality profiling can also help your business in its own right. Through a system consisting of a confidential questionnaire and a one to one interview session, we are able to help your staff assess their own communication style, decision making preferences, and areas for future development.

If you want to use the power of personality profiling in your business, please contact us for a free consultation session