Coaching Tip: Are you scared – if not why not?

posted by on October 31st, 2017

Coaching tip:  Are you scared – if not, why not?  Look I’m not advocating that people should be in a state of constant fear or anxiety. We know that’s not good for mental health, personal development/relationships and it’s not good for business (unless you make horror movies).  However, fear can actually be a motivator. It can jolt us into taking action (fight or flight), pushing us to re evaluate things and even embrace change.

Furthermore from a development perspective being outside of your   ‘comfort zone’ from time to time can be healthy – provided that you feel supported (or are able to support yourself). In this way the temporary discomfort that comes from trying something new, taking a risk or jumping in (provided it’s not a shallow pool) helps to stretch, hone and test our abilities.  So find a way to stretch yourself this week. Why not try delivering your presentation without the notes or give someone some feedback thatscary face you have been holding back. Or you could practice saying NO instead of saying YES (because you feel you ought to). It’s your choice.  Have fun.