Need some help for your business?

Could your business environment be more productive? Are you getting the best out of your employees, or is communication or the culture holding you back?

Perhaps on paper your business systems, procedures and workflow makes sense. However in the office, tasks and processes don’t always go to plan.

Have you factored in the vital human element that’s the foundation of making your business move in the right direction?

Workshops Work - services

All too often directors and leaders know that something’s not operating as well as it could in their business. This is where Workshops Work step into the picture.We have a number of services that have been designed to assist you in identifying and overcoming your challenges.

Each Workshop is built on a careful analysis of your workplace culture. By studying the way you and your team work together, we suggest and construct schedules of learning that are specific to the outcomes you desire.

Our main services include the following:

Improve communication and presentation skills with soft skills workshops that will empower you and your staff to effectively deliver their message in a positive manner, built around individual communication needs.

Understand your workforce’s individual personalities and strengths, using the MBTI Myers Briggs® personal profiling system that helps you understand how to get the best out of the interpersonal relationships in your business.

Restore confidence in your workforce, helping build bridges and restore good intentions within your employees with a team building event, which will help with productivity and focus within the workplace.

Develop effective leadership skills by focussing on your individual strengths and weakness with one to one coaching. Move beyond a one size fits all directorial staff, inspiring confidence and boosting cohesion in your staff.

In addition to these services we can provide business development coaching and keynote public speaking to further help you achieve your goals.

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