Are you getting the most out of your communication?

There is plenty of evidence that soft skills such as communication, presentation and positive thinking are equally as important as hard technical knowledge.

In business it isn’t simply a matter of relaying the right information. Style and delivery are critical in you getting your information across. Ensuring that your audience are receptive to your message is imperative to your success.

Workshops Work - Soft skills workshop

Book your staff onto one of our soft skills workshops to improve and enhance their communication and interpersonal skills.

We find an appropriate venue or use a training room, construct a bespoke program, facilitate discussions with specific exercises and mini presentations to share knowledge tips and techniques.

Some of the courses we have created for clients in the past include:

  • Create your best image on video. With an increasing pressure to use film productions to promote your business, this workshop teaches you how to deliver your key messages in style.
  • Deal with difficult conversations and people, without compromising your beliefs and outcomes. We show you how to de-escalate problematic situations and reframe conflict and challenges.
  • Build genuine, long lasting interpersonal relationships and combine the power of the professional and the personal. In this workshop you’ll learn the application of the famous maxim that people do business with people.
  • Discover how to release pressure and stress, harnessing the benefits of approaching business situations in a relaxed and authoritative manner that engenders confidence in you and your workforce.
  • Encourage others to take the lead and teach in a business environment, with coaching skills that are designed to help you bring out the best qualities in you employees.
  • Reinforce team strength and dynamics, taking staff members out of the office into an alternative environment where they can learn how to communicate and participate in new activities.

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