STOP RIGHT NOW – This blog could save your life!

posted by on September 21st, 2014

Thought of the day:

When you are at your weakest and faced with a challenge, know that all your old issues/fears and unresolved lessons will rush up to the surface.

The challenge at that point is to remain calm and focused so that you can think clearly enough to recognise the opportunity for you to change.

So STOP when uncertainty strikes and reflect. Ask yourself in what way is the challenge that you now face similar to those you have faced in the past.

THINK about what your approach has been in the past and explore what lessons there are to be learned from your past experiences.

Then set about generating new OPTIONS to resolve the current situation. It’s highly likely that many of these will be outside of your existing comfort zone and that’s good because that is where growth is.

PROCEED by taking new actions and set about a different path!

Hope that helps.

Have fun Cx