The impact of a workshop is measured by the difference it makes to people

Not everything in business can be put into a value in pounds or a time-cost in hours.

Workshops have the power to change the emotional fabric of a business, which is best expressed in the words of some of our satisfied clients…

Caroline takes a concept, the words and makes it come alive for the audience and the outcome required.
Organisational Development Officer
County Council

The coaching and training provided has been invaluable in many ways – for both my personal and professional life. I have no hesitation in recommending these services to anybody.
Director, National Holiday Company

A year after the team building workshops were held the team still use the techniques introduced and they are still motivated by the process they went through. There have been some long lasting and significant changes both to the team and to individuals.
Personnel & Customer Services Manager
District Council

At every session, the team has found the sessions motivational and inspirational.
Managing Director
National PR Company

Workshops Work Ltd has been invaluable to the growth of our business and to the development of our staff over the last few years. They have a magic way of grasping what we are trying to achieve when we ask for help.
Partner, Regional Law Firm

The approach is fresh and innovative and ensures that at the same time as learning everyone has fun. The coaching and training has helped me to understand how to approach managing my team in a different way by understanding their personalities and motivations better.
Head of Corporate Services
Housing Sector

I have no hesitation in recommending Caroline as a fantastic trainer.
Women’s Enterprise Organisation

When I asked Workshops Work to put together a training day for long serving employees in a new role that focussed on targeted sales I knew it was going to be good workshop when they said “No problem, what do you want to achieve?”. The day generated lots of discussion and ideas, but above all attendees left with more confidence in their ability, the desire to succeed and a framework for selling that they could personalise to suit their own personalities. An excellent workshop, delivered with humour and empathy, which exceeded my expectations.
Project Manager, Norfolk

I wanted to take our service development forward I turned to Caroline to help the process. I needed a flexible and bespoke solution rather than yet another ‘off-the-shelf’ training course. The experience Caroline delivered was different from the start as the research prior to the events set the scene. This was effective because Caroline has the knack of getting straight to the point and is excellent at being able to clarify and articulate issues.
Benefits Manager, Public Sector

Their approach to training is very much facilitative – there was no evidence of a ‘tell’ approach. Attendees were encouraged to find their own solutions and this was very effective in recognising different strengths and weaknesses of each individual and gaining commitment to the process. I would certainly be keen to work with Caroline again and would highly recommend her to work with your business.
HR Manager
Regional Accountancy Firm


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