Prioritizing the Agile Way – Coaching Tips

posted by on November 29th, 2017

Are you struggling to prioritize today?

If so stand up, grab some post its, a pen, clear a space (not at your desk), grab a timer/phone or watch, take 3 deep breaths (please remember to breathe out) and try this:

1. Take 1 minute to write on a post it (one item per post it) all the things  that you think you need to do – make it quick, set a timer, bullet points only.  After a minute if it’s not on a post it note, it’s not front of brain enough to make the cut.

2.  Take 1 minute to move the post its into an order that feels right for you, placing them in an order of ascending importance from left to right, or top to bottom, whichever you prefer. Then number them accordingly, so if you have 10 notes, then it’ll be 1-10, where 1 is the most pressing priority (must be done today) and 10 the least. Don’t overthink it listen to your gut.

3.  Now take 1 minute to assign your notes into 4 piles: ‘Do it’, ‘Delay it’, ‘Delegate it’ or ‘Dump it’.  Pay attention to where the number fall.

4.  Take 1 minute to gather the ‘Delay’ post its and save for tomorrow whilst dumping the ‘Dump it’ pile – this usually consists of items that are way past being urgent, after all they have been on your list forever, right?

5. Then get cracking on the ‘Delegate’ pile first! Yes, that’s right, because it will free up your head space, create momentum and you’ll be fired up to hit the ‘Do it’ pile hard.

6. Smile and breathe. Get cracking. Oh, Have fun.