Want to get better results in life? How knowing your MBTI personality type helps!

posted by on March 11th, 2013

The way we see things is that more you know about your personality type and how to make the right choices for you the easier life gets. Developing self-awareness will help you to make better career decisions and to become a more effective communicator. Learning how to manage stress and deal with conflict will result in better outcomes for all and an easier life for you and those around you.

So if you are ready to reach your potential then here’s how we can help:

The MBTI Myers Briggs®® Type Instrument is a world renowned personal development instrument. Much more than just a product, the Myers-Briggs® assessment is a powerfully versatile solution that has helped millions of people around the world better understand themselves and how they interact with others. MBTI® has helped organisations of all sizes around the world address their needs, from team building, leadership and coaching, and conflict management to career development and retention.

There are 16 different MBTI® types, and as such people may find themselves managing or dealing with a wide variety of personalities at any one time. We firmly believe that professionals with a working knowledge of MBTI® have an advantage – a deeper knowledge of personality type theory. This enables them in practice, to better understand themselves and others in terms of how they gather information, communicate, make decisions and ultimately ‘get things done’.

Our MBTI® personal development programme will enable individuals to learn more about their own personality preferences and how to apply that learning in terms of their own development.

Step 1– 1-1 MBTI® Online. The assessment begins by completing a confidential online questionnaire.

Step 2 – 1-1 Face-to-Face Feedback. One of the important features of the MBTI® is that participants are encouraged to decide for themselves which of the 16 MBTI® personality type profiles is their ‘best fit’. A 60-90 minute 1-1 coaching session guides you through a confidential self- assessment selection process. This enables you to compare your online results with your own self-assessment. You then receive a detailed report of your ‘best fit’ type including information regarding your communication style, decision making preferences, working styles/preferences and some suggestions for areas of future development.

Step 3 – Once participants understand their own type, we use the framework to help them further explore their development challenges. Used properly (by both coachee and coach) knowledge of MBTI® provides a deep insight into personal behaviours and motivations. Our detailed MBTI reports will help you become more effective at work and in life!

MBTI® can also be used for team development. Using a similar process as above, we are able to work out an entire ‘Team Type Profile’. This knowledge enables the team leader to work out strengths and potential weakness of the team. This means that new behaviours can be adopted to mitigate any polarity of preferences which may be present.

For further details of our MBTI® service and to discover what it can achieve for you or your team then email caroline@workshopswork.co.uk