Working Smarter NOT Harder in 2014

posted by on January 29th, 2014

Working smarter is not always about having the best systems in place. Having great processes will change little if those using them are not on board nor have the right skills. Over the last 10 years we have supported hundreds of small and some quite substantial businesses, to grow their people skills, to grow their business.

Here are our tops tips for 2014:

1. Get the experts in – when it comes to finances, marketing and IT, many business owners and managers seem hell bent on trying to do everything themselves. They appear to ignore the fact that their time is money and waste hours learning how to complete VAT returns for example when the smarter thing to do is to get an expert in. What expertise could you do with hiring this year?

2. Hire the right people – whether employing someone or hiring in help for a few hours a week, businesses must be sure of exactly what they want people to do; how they want it done (quality) and figure out how they will measure output (ROI). Too many people take others on face value alone without first checking that the person they are hiring can actually deliver what it says on the tin! If you recruit others then make sure your recruitment processes and interview skills are top notch.

3. Notice what you are doing – business owners and managers often say “there’s never enough time” instead of asking themselves “what’s the best use of the time I have?”. This is mostly due to habit, poor planning and not having a clear vision or goal. Without setting a goal first then time is most likely wasted. Smart people treat their time like their money, with respect. So what will you do to become smarter this year?

If you need some help then please get in touch and we will show you how to make this your smartest year ever!