What if you are wrong – coaching tip!

posted by on October 18th, 2017

wrong picWhat if you are wrong?

Look I know, it’s not natural for most adults to think this way. We are trained (and expected) to think we are ‘right’ and so we seek out ways to prove it, especially when we are managing people or a business.

So we master the art of ‘listening with prejudice’ to what others’ say. We reinforce our view (that we are right) by ‘selective validation’ with others, who too think the same way as us (sound familiar)? In this way we seek out like minded folk and often ignore or belittle the challenge (and company) of those who hold opposing views.

The danger is that if left to fester then in teams a kind of myopia sets in, typified by ‘group thinking’. If left to fester in individuals then the ego runs riot (we all know where that can lead to).

So just for today imagine, whatever problem you are grappling with, that you are ‘wrong’. Try posing questions from the other side of the table. This will help you to develop flexibility in your thinking and it will open up the possibility to discovering new ways of seeing and doing things.¬†Oh, finally here’s a little quote that may help:

When you are wrong, ask a question, admit it and say sorry.

When you are right, learn to zip it!

Have fun.